Lumeeira closes strategic partnership with Genolab Laboratório e Vacinas

The startup Lumeeira and Genolab – Laboratório e Vacinas confirm a partnership to work together in the Human Genome Analysis segment.

This partnership aims to meet an increasingly growing demand in the Brazilian market for the use of new technologies to aid in the advanced diagnosis of genetic diseases. Lumeeira has a technical team with vertical know-how in genome and metagenome analysis, formed by professionals with a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, a PhD in Computational and Systems Biology, Specialists in Biological Data Analysis and Specialists in IT and Healthcare. Located in Blumenau – SC (cradle of the largest software/technology companies in Brazil), the startup started its services in 2021. In a knowledge strand and meeting the emerging needs of the scientific community during the COVID-19 pandemic, it held theoretical courses – practical sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 using Nanopore technology.

On the other hand, Genolab, also located in Blumenau, has consolidated expertise in 20 years of experience in clinical laboratory diagnoses (routine exams), human immunization services, genetic diagnoses (through molecular methods such as Real Time PCR and Sequencing of DNA), cytogenetics (karyotypes) and flow cytometry; providing physicians and patients with agile, accurate and safe results that impact health promotion and quality of life.

In addition to launching several genetic tests in its portfolio, including those for rare diseases, the partnership will also allow the deposit and sending of reports through innovative Blockchain technology, guaranteeing the security and privacy of its customers’ data. This innovation is unprecedented in the country and will allow both companies to make their services available on the recent Web3 for the end user.

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